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KEG(Knowledge Education Group)

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Are you looking for a rewarding career? 

Welcome to KEG!

At KEG, we bring together language instructors and international schools to assist communication. Once you become a certified KEG instructor, the doors to over 40locations in China will be open for you! Our aim is to help schools succeed in recruitment with people from other cultures!

KEG instructors receive ideal training, quick and knowledgeable support, and of course, plenty of opportunities for targeted professional development.

Your best opportunity to work for top schools from around China!

We work with a large number of international schools involved in all kinds of curriculum:IGCSE, A-level, IB, VCE, QCE, Canadian program, American Program, AP.

KEG as an employer

KEG is shaped for people who see themselves in the services we offer and devote themselves to the work they do for us. Whether it’s a language instructor from Australia, a math teacher from France, a non-experienced teacher from South Africa or an engineer from Ireland-this is where people from different cultural backgrounds come together to share their diverse work and life experience, along with their uniquely shaped views of the world.

Work schedule:


·         Full-time teachers are available for 20-40 hours per week, 5 days a week

·         Lessons are scheduled within this time availability.

Type of classes:


·         All subject classes at schools (between 15 to 50 students)

Full-time instructor remuneration:


We offer a performance-based salary in which the take-home pay averages between RMB 18,000 to RMB 50,000(2800 USD-8000 USD) Net per month

We offer either school accommodation or housing allowance (Ranged from 2,000RMB to 10,000RMB) to the full time teachers.

Full-time Job Description

Instructors’ benefits at KEG :

Social Security

 · KEG will contribute to full-time instructors’ social security fund according to the Chinese relevant laws and regulations. A share for the social security contribution as an employee shall be deducted from the instructor’s remuneration. However, the instructor can waive the right of objection.


 Annual Leave

· Instructors are entitled to all National Public Holidays, and an annual leave of 12 working days with full salary. The days of annual leave shall be calculated on pro rata basis if the first year employment duration is less than 12 months.


 Life and health insurance


· All full-time instructors are entitled to a private life insurance.

· Also, KEG offers a private health insurance which covers up to RMB 5000 of general medical expenses. Higher coverage is also given for more specific medical expenses.


 Work Visa issuance


KEG assists and pays the related fees necessary for the issuance of a Working Visa in China (“Z”). The candidate should provide all relevant document required by Chinese law.


 Round-way flight ticket reimbursement:


· Instructors hired from overseas are entitled to a reimbursement of a one-way flight ticket.

· Also, hotel accommodation for the first 7 days is provided.

· Instructors fulfilled one year contract and are willing to continue another one year contract are entitled to a reimbursement of a round-way flight ticket.



 Retention incentives


The retention program consists of 4 parts: Quarterly Awards,

Instructor of the Year 1 year retention bonus 3 year retention bonus


Quarterly Awards – The Instructor of the Quarter will receive:

1)  Gift worth up to RMB 3000


2)  Certificate of Achievement


There will also be one other “Special Contributor Award.”

4 instructors will receive a gift worth up to RMB2000.


 Instructor of the Year

The Instructor of the year will receive:

1)  Gift worth up to RMB 5000

2)  Certificate of Achievement

3)  Letter of Acknowledgement from the Principal

4)  Opportunity to be promoted


 1 Year Retention Bonus

Full time instructors are entitled to RMB1000


 3 Year Retention Bonus

Full time –5000RMB



 Information about income tax in China



· For detailed information about income taxes in China, please visit:

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